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VoIP Calls from Mobile Phone

VoIP calls from mobile phone
  • Convenient! Make voip call directly from your mobile phone.
  • Great saving!
  • Excellent quality!
  • No ADSL(streamyx) rental, save RM77 per month.
  • Free registration.
  • No VoIP/auto dialler device!
  • No maintenance and monthly rental fee! Save unlimited!
  • No SMS to make call.

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You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express with PayPal. Your credit card number will not be exposed when you pay with PayPal. After purchasing, check your email the next business day for the pin no.

If you do not have a PayPal account, do visit

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If you do not wish to use PayPal, you can also make Credit Card payment via ipay88 ipay88


What is MobileVoip

Dedicated VoIP phones are phones that allow VoIP calls without the use of a computer. Instead they connect directly to the IP network (using technologies such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet). Most of the mobile phone today are equipped with WiFi, so they are able to make WiFi calls from their hand phone by installing our MobiWeb's MobileVoIP.

About MobileVoIP

The MobiWeb was started by 5 engineers, sharing the same vision to build a software company by engineers. The vision of MobiWeb is simple, provide complete information and communication technologies to small and medium enterprise. As we all known, the software industries suffer from high project failure risk. Statistics estimates that 44% of software projects were late, over budget, and/or with less than the required features and functions. Another 24% failed and were canceled prior to completion, or delivered and never used.

MobiWeb aims to help small and medium enterprise to overcome this problem by providing them with more solid software team. Lead by our experience engineers, the engineers are dealing directly with customers requirement.

MobiWeb practice Agile2 method, where the engineers interact directly with the clients at every stage of development. So, mobiweb's software team is able to complete any project and deliver customer satisfactory. With years of development and practices, MobiWeb had develop a set of software solution for small and medium enterprise. The set of software are practice in MobiWeb daily and maintained by our R&D team. And so, MobiWeb intent to provide small and medium enterprise with this complete set of information and communication product to help companies to be more productive, reduce cost of operations, and accomplish sales target.